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Taking Commissions and WiP by Inkwell-Pony
Taking Commissions and WiP

Need to earn a lot of money today, so I’m stopping short on the work for the first official update of 18 Carrot’s story, in order to take commissions. If you want some art, please stop by to help out, so I can help you out.

Thank you for your support

Taking Commissions by Inkwell-Pony
Taking Commissions

I’d love to do more 18 Carrot but I need to do commission art in order to survive. Gotta earn 300+ bucks for a good amount of bills and they need to be paid in the next day or two, so any help is appreciated.

Come to to enjoy some arts and stuff!

NoAble vs Muneless by Inkwell-Pony
NoAble vs Muneless

Muniversal, under the effects of the Heartless, faces off against Able, under the effects of the Nobody, both weilding keyblades. I think this came out looking rather awesome.

Muniversal is owned by me

Able is owned by Able01 and this picture was commissioned by them.

MuniMoji by Inkwell-Pony
Now making Emoji, $15 for a color emoji, or $25 for two. In desperate need of funds for tomorrow. Thanks for any help. Taking commissions, come to
I DID ART. by Inkwell-Pony

Brain hurts, can’t freakin’ focus, brainblock brain derp brain brain fart brain.

Int 1 art day, but aaaaaaaaaaaaa. -(Bites monitor)-

Need funds, brain stupid.



William A Hudson
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I am a bit of a nut, an artistic nut at that, and a Pony nut. Really, I just like drawing adorable. It's something I have a bit of talent at, and I hope you all will like my deviant deviations!

Current Residence: Arizona
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite style of art: MLP!
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
Come buy arts, support the artist, and all that jazz!

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Can you do a commission for me
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happy b day 
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