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I'm coming up with ideas n' things by Inkwell-Pony
I'm coming up with ideas n' things

I’m working on it at least. This is going to have ASPECTS of Animal Crossing, but it’s mostly gonna be my sorta thing. That said, I like the pirate village thing, so I’m gonna go with it. And thus, meet Mayor Mune’s actual pirate assistant/cabin girl, Maribelle. ^^ I liked aspects of the Bunny and Squirrel, and thanks to a viewer’s suggestion, I combined the two.

Anyways, working on commissions at…, and doing sketches to try and get past feeling sick. More to come, woo hoo! Inkville liiiives, and is going to prolly be a lot weirder because of that.

Sorry for the delay there... by Inkwell-Pony
Sorry for the delay there...

Good news - Squee, I've got my new tablet, thanks to a benevolent benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous, so on top of my personal day, I'm getting used to using a tool that isn't actively fighting me constantly.

Bad news: While I got a bill paid, and the new tablet, got another bill going through, so the amount I have went down, and the balance I need stays pretty steady. Also was a little sick. But things are alright for the time being, and I've got a new tablet, so I'll just go with the squee today. ^^

If you want to hang out and watch me bumble with professional equipment, come watch me at…! There will be fun stuff to watch!

Bills Balance: $50/$400

Tablet: Replaced and upgraded!

Now on to new pants and shoes. :P

Dedicated, not Read by Inkwell-Pony
Dedicated, not Read

And the show goes on!

I am dedicated to being dedicated and will dedicate myself to dedicate more time to dedication of my dedicating. If that makes any sense.

Don't mind me, only got like 4 hours of sleep, dang cat.

Anyhoo, streaming at… in order to get funds to pay bills to get more funds to pay for tablet, same as before, but the first goal-line is a bit closer at least.

Also, it isn't a Leia Dress, but it's very similar. Her dress is based off of Shantae's dancer dress or Magic Dress or Harem Princess Dress. Basically, I'm a Shantae Nerd.

Poof comes the assistant! by Inkwell-Pony
Poof comes the assistant!

And Mayor Mune gets to introduce his cute secretary and lovely assistant! 

Streaming today, dealing with diets, trying to get commissions to be able to replace my tablet before it gives out. Please stop by the stream if you’d like something, any help is appreciated!

In the good news department, I lost 5 pounds! Yay!

Streaming at…

From the Desk of Mayor Mune by Inkwell-Pony
From the Desk of Mayor Mune
Presenting - A MOD BLOG, now at

I've been meaning to do this for some time, but finally I got around to it, and I used my 'personal day' to start some stuff. Made this blog adult oriented because i'm a bit of a perve and things of questionable nature  may and most likely will show up here.

Anyways, I will now use this to keep people updated. Just needs a bit of work, doncha know.

Anyways, I am also streaming today. Working on getting commissions so I can pay for bills so I can then get an upgrade to my tablet that I have been sorely needing for some time. I may be able to do good art with this, but it's mostly because  I've learned to wrangle a sub-par tablet. Anyways, please come support the artist.

More to come! Witness the arts at…, and come watch some fun.


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William A Hudson
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I am a bit of a nut, an artistic nut at that, and a Pony nut. Really, I just like drawing adorable. It's something I have a bit of talent at, and I hope you all will like my deviant deviations!

Current Residence: Arizona
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite style of art: MLP!
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
I am posting all my old art - including a lot of art that wasn't posted elsewhere - to a new tumblr that updates 4 times per day. Even with such a rapid updater, that's going to take a while to complete. ^^
Come see it at!

Warning, some of the stuff is NSFW, and a lot of it is really weird, but that's part of the fun!
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