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Annie Machin, take 2 by Inkwell-Pony
Annie Machin, take 2

Annie Machin in her animatronics form, in the form she sees herself as, and the human that happens to be haunting her after he was killed in mid Fazbear repair. She is a fun character, and I am intending to do more with her. Because she is a lot of fun.

I’ll prolly tell more of her backstory and stuff over time. I’m just sick and kinda out of it due to lack of sleep.

Special Thanks to Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon, for having made such an interesting setting, as well as Max Gilardi of for making the very inspirational Fazbear and Friends animation that led to the thought processes that made this character.

Long time since a personal post. by Inkwell-Pony
Long time since a personal post.

I’m on a FNaF kick again, and this time my brain actually was able to come up with a fan character that didn’t seem to be an outright ripoff of the existing characters. Meet Annie Machin, formerly the animatronics mascot of ANIMATION Animatronic and Robotics Repair, now a mascot possessed by the soul of a repairman that had unfortunately been hired to try and get the Fasbear animatronics working properly. I am considering doing more with him/her/it because it’s just a fun design and I love squirrels.

Sorry for the long time between posts, life has been so busy and I have had a serious burnout on personal ideas, but at least I seem to be getting better.

Anyways, I am currently streaming at for anybody who happens to want to buy some art or just hang out.

Bottle Buddies by Inkwell-Pony
Bottle Buddies

Ablemon happened to lose a bet, and when salvation was at hand… said Salvation thought it would be more fun to join Able on the bottle shelf. I dunno if Able is irritated at Miniversal or not, but Miniversal is having a blast.

Ablemon is owned by Able, and Miniversal is owned by myself.

Commissioned by Able and drawn in the memory of Jasen Tamiia.

We miss you and your creative mind.

Zephani Roxx by Inkwell-Pony
Zephani Roxx

The Smeargle Pokemon Trainer, Zephani Roxx is also a semi-trained  battle dancer, but as she isn’t a terribly good battler, she mostly renders support and aid to her pokemon, and her team. Zephani is my own character for a Pokemorph RP, and I like how she’s turned out here.

Anyways, I am currently streaming to make the last funds of the month, anybody who wants some awesome pictures or just to help out, you are very welcome, and I am looking forward to the arts and all!

Feel free to come watch me stream at!

C'mon and shake my hand, friend... by Inkwell-Pony
C'mon and shake my hand, friend...
Papyrus of Underswap, commissioned by Tonto. I like drawing Undertale stuff, but I just don’t get to very often.


William A Hudson
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I am a bit of a nut, an artistic nut at that, and a Pony nut. Really, I just like drawing adorable. It's something I have a bit of talent at, and I hope you all will like my deviant deviations!

Current Residence: Arizona
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite style of art: MLP!
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
Come buy arts, support the artist, and all that jazz!
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